Anonymous: pls stop being so damn pretty

pls love yourself i am not pretty I am nothing

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Anonymous: I also have been trying to seek your acquaintance x

I’m sorry part time barista/full time stoner over here. I’m terrible at having like more than 2 friends at once u gotta be real pushy w me x

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Anonymous: Nigga I've been trying to hang out with you for 3 weeks, don't start on this friendless bullshiieeettt. :P

never said it was a bad thing that I have no friends dawg

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I stressed myself out so much about stupid shit that I made myself sick with a chest infection and in the meantime still have to keep working 10 hour days to pay for my apartment/travels next week. I was able to host and bartend at a VIP event at the races today and an older gentleman slipped me a $100 tip for looking after his table. I thanked him for giving me petrol for the week.

I’m fucking tired of the system.

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Forever friendless/constantly disappointing

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